Due to physical distancing requirements – we are unable to run all of our regularly offered classes listed below.

ONLY those with an Asterisk (*) will be running until further notice.

All active Classes can be viewed on the Monthly Calendar. 





 Alphabetical List of Activities


 See Monthly Calendar for Days, Times, and Drop-In Fees for each

You must be a Member to participate in Activities (unless otherwise stated)


*Ballroom Dance Practice:

An opportunity for you and your partner to practice your ballroom dancing to recorded music in our Main Hall. 




Our Pool Room on the 2nd floor of the Centre is equipped with 4 regulation size billiards tables. 1 designated for Eight Ball and the other 3 for Snooker. Although many of our regular players do bring their own cues we also have cues available for use for those who don’t own one. See more information and hours of operation on the Pool Room page.



  •  Tuesday – Casual. No Partner or Sign up required. Drop-Ins & New players Welcome. Note – Play does not count towards masters points.
  • Wednesday – We are a ‘user-friendly’ group that play for the joy of Bridge. We are not a  ‘Sanctioned’ Duplicate Bridge group but do have a Director. New players to the game of Duplicate Bridge are welcome

  • Saturday – Grab a partner and join us at the Centre for these ACBL accredited Bridge games. You’re sure to have fun, meet people, and test your knowledge while advancing your skills!



Join our enthusiastic group where camaraderie, coffee, and treats are aplenty!



Carpet Bowling: 

A great game to keep your body active and your mind sharp! New and experienced players welcome!



*Chair Yoga:

Perfect for people with limited mobility, balance issues, or in recovery – This gentle form of yoga is practiced sitting in a chair or standing using a chair for support. Starting with a short meditation, followed by breathing exercise, then the practice. The poses, or Asana, are often adaptations of Hatha yoga. We will end the class with a short meditation and a quote for the day. 


NOTE: This program is not suitable for those with osteopenia or osteoporosis. If you have either of these please review our information on the Osteofit for Life class held on Tuesdays and Thursdays which may be perfect for you.




Join our avid group for an afternoon of entertaining competition. Coffee and cookies are also part of the Cribbage tradition here at the P.A.C. ($1 extra for the Kitchen)



Dancing at the PAC:

  • Thursday – Enjoy Vic’s Dance Band performing Live providing uptempo Two Step, Waltz, Jive, Ballroom, Cha Cha, Polka, Rhumba and many more of your favorite styles to dance to. Singles Welcome.

  • 1st Sunday of each Month – A wonderful evening of Dance and socializing. Each evening starts with a 40-minute lesson in a specific style. Singles Welcome.



A trick-taking card game most commonly played with four people in two partnerships with a deck of 24, 28, or sometimes 32, standard playing cards. Our great group of regulars welcome all new players to join them and learn this wonderful game.




  •  Group Fitness – Offered every day Mon-Fri – Designed for those 50 years of age and older who are looking to improve their strength and functional fitness through a fun group fitness experience. These classes include a cardio component along with the use of equipment such as steps, resistance bands, pilates & stability balls, and weights (at your discretion) to provide you a full body workout designed to improve your usable strength, physical fitness, and overall mental heath. These classes are led by qualified instructors, always mindful of your individual abilities, and full of encouragement!
  • Men’s Fitness – Thursdays – Heather is sure to put you through your paces in this MEN ONLY fitness class full of cardio, strength, resistance, and weight exercises. Time to challenge yourself – YES. But remember to stay within your limits as your progress. Welcome to all levels.

  • Strength & Tone Fitness – Fridays – This is a strength and conditioning class designed to work all muscle groups during a low impact, steady paced, pump based workout to music.

  • NOTE: No outside footwear is permitted in the gym so please bring a change of shoes to participate.


*Hiking Group: 

On Wednesdays and the occasional Friday hikers meet at the PAC. Most hikes are under 2 hours in length and sometimes there is a coffee stop after. Please note – these hikes are not easy strolls as most participants come to get the exercise. There will be hills and a moderately fast pace, and hikes are subject to change as conditions change. See more information, including monthly dates and locations, on the Hiking Group Page   


*Line Dancing:

  • Level 1 – Absolute Beginner Class – This class is for dancers who are brand new to line dance (no experience) as well as dancers who have not danced for a number of years and need a refresher on the basic steps. The basic beginner line dance steps are taught in this class over the course of 8-12 weeks. The teachings in this class are slower and the goal is to teach the steps. Once the steps are learned, dancers are able to transition to the Easy Beginner class to do more practice and learn more Beginner steps and dances. See schedule for dates & times.

  • Level 2 – Easy Beginner – The purpose of this class is to transition dancers from the Absolute Beginner level to the Beginner level. This class is for dancers with limited, but some, line dance experience. Dances will include Absolute Beginner dances done in the AB level program and new easier beginner dances. Additional Beginner level line dance steps will be taught. Format of the class is a little different as there will be a lot more practice of dances and steps. Generally, a new dance is taught each week and danced in total for 4 weeks in a row. Previous week’s new dance is the first dance and the second dance is the new teach. Dances will progress in difficulty throughout the year to the beginner level. See schedule for dates & times.

  • Level 3 – Beginner Class – This class is for dancers with more line dance experience – generally about 6 months or more. This class will do Beginner to High Beginner line dances. This class would be the next step from the Easy Beginner class. There will be much more variety in Beginner level dances and dances will progress throughout the year to the higher beginner level, preparing dancers for the Low Improver to Intermediate level. Format will be much the same as the Easy Beginner class. See schedule for dates & times.

  • Level 4 – Intermediate Class – This class is for more experienced line dancers, generally those with 1 year or more experience and would be the next step from the Beginner line dance class. The first hour will concentrate on Low Improver to Easy Intermediate level line dances and the 2nd hour will concentrate on Intermediate level dances. The Improver portion of the class will follow the Beginner format. See schedule for dates & times.



A game played with a set of 144 tiles based on Chinese characters and symbols. For those new to the game we also offer lessons. Inquire at the Centre. You will love it!



*Osteofit for Life: 

A specially designed exercise and educational program for those with osteoporosis and osteopenia and those at risk of falling who require a safe and gentle strength/balance coordination program as we know that physical activity can prevent and even manage more common health issues as well as increase the ease of performing your everyday activities and make significant improvements in your overall quality of life.  Osteofit is a BC Women’s Hospital and Health Center Program.  For more information and registration in the PSS Osteofit for Life Program, please contact the B.C.R.P.A. Certified Instructor Bobbi Lee directly at 250-317-3508


*Painting Group:

If you have an interest in the visual arts and would like to join this group each week, Our Pleasure Painters  would love to have you.  Bring along your latest project or the materials to start something new and be inspired by the group atmosphere. This group receives professional instruction several times throughout the year. Notices on dates and subject are provided to Members via the Centre.


Pancake Breakfast:

Join us the 1st Sunday of each month September through June for a traditional Pancake Breakfast.

For only $6 you’ll get a hearty serving of:

  • 2 Pancakes (with Blueberry Sauce if you wish)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Bacon Strips
  • 2 Sausage Links
  • Beans
  • Plus Coffee, Tea, or Juice


Doors open at 9:00am and seating is available in the Main Hall. Wrap up is at 11:00am.  

NOTE: Everyone is welcome regardless of age or Membership. We look forward to seeing you!




  • *Beginner (with Instruction) – Want to learn this fast growing sport! This Session – every Friday – from 12:30 – 2:30 pm is for Beginners to Pickleball and includes instruction. Learn the rules and game play then have time to practice with others.

    Maximum 8 people. Advance registration required – see home page.

  •  * All Levels Indoor Pickleball – Mondays 1:45 – 3:45pm.

    Maximum 12 People – 2 Courts (4 players each) + 4 in the waiting area (for round robin style play). MUST register in advance as per other classes – see home page for registration details. Must be an Active Member.

  • * 3.0 + Below – For those with some rule understanding & game play under their belt this Session is every Thursday from 2:15 – 4:15 pm. 

    Maximum 12 People – 2 Courts (4 players each) + 4 in the waiting area (for round robin style play). MUST register in advance as per other classes – see home page for registration details. Must be an Active Member.

  • * 3.5 + Above –  On Wednesdays 1:15 – 3:15 pm we offer more advanced players to come out and face off in a friendly game or two. 

  • Maximum 12 People – 2 Courts (4 players each) + 4 in the waiting area (for round robin style play). MUST register in advance as per other classes – see home page for registration details. Must be an Active Member.




Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. Equipment provided if you do not have your own.

  • Beginner – Thursdays 1:00 – 2:00 pm

  • Standard – Monday 10:00 am – 11:00 am – A more challenging class


*Road Biking Club:

Join us from Spring to the end of October for a fun, energetic, and supportive road bike rides. We meet at the Parkinson Activity Centre every Monday morning at 9:30 am and head out as a group to explore Kelowna and area. There is no charge for the Bike Club so give us a try.



Keep your brain active participating in this board game where you use letter tiles to make words and score points. You don’t have to be a word whiz to join in so come and have fun while keeping your mind sharp.



How would you like to turn your photos into a piece of history for a loved one or make the most fabulous cards?  Bring the materials and project that you would like to work on and take part in this creative atmosphere with fellow crafters. Maybe even learn or share something new.



*Table Tennis:

This fun and exciting game, also known as Ping Pong, can be played by anyone. We have an energetic group of players from beginners to more advanced who love to play the game and have a good time.


*Tai Chi / Qigong:

Perhaps best thought of as a moving form of yoga and meditation combined, it consists of a sequence of movements performed slowly, softly and gracefully with smooth and even transitions between them as a means of increasing health and vitality. Anyone can do it!



Wednesday Night Supper Club:

Join us every Wednesday in Tammy’s Bistro for the Supper Club to socialize with old friends and make new ones! Dinner is served promptly at 5:00 pm. Tickets must be purchased in advance at the Centre – $10 for Members & $15 for Non-Members. Each weeks menu can be viewed here on the site or at the Centre. We look forward to seeing you.



A multi-level Hatha Yoga class that is suitable for anybody and everybody.  Each 90-minute class will have some focus on breath work (pranayama), a variety of poses (asanas) to stretch and strengthen the entire body, and end with relaxation (savasana).  The only rule in the class is to listen to your body first and foremost and the main goal is to have fun! Equipment is provided if you do not have your own.